The municipalities of Fréhel and Erquy provide free campground for players.
Booking by internet is mandatory.
The tent manager must be a MAJEUR
and all occupants at least 15 years old.

You will be responsible for noise or degradation around your location (including garbage that would remain after you leave).

Upon arrival in the Estivales, each person in charge must, with an identification document, present the email (smartphone or paper) that was sent to him with the tent number.
He will then be given the badge with this number to be fixed visibly on the tent ; the mandatory bracelets will be given to each occupant of this tent.
In case of late arrival, present a copy of the confirmation email with the tent number to the security guard ; you will have to retrieve your badge the next day at registration.
During camp checks, each occupant must be able to present his bracelet and give his tent number as well as the name of the person in charge (these checks will be carried out by the Town Hall, the Armor Volley-Ball or the Gendarmerie).
All installations without this badge will be liable to be dismantled and their occupants expelled from the camp.
By accessing the free Estivales camps, you agree to make no noise at night, respect the place and the neighbourhood and make the place clean for your departure (garbage in containers).
For safety reasons, access to the campsite is prohibited to all vehicles including motorhomes.