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DIARY 2019

Sables d'Or les Pins
July Friday the19th :
estivants (1st day), open, jeunes, espoirs.
July Saturday the 20th : nationaux, régionaux and estivants (end).
July Sunday the 21st :
2nd day of nationaux and régionaux .

July Monday the 22nd :
estivants (1st day), open, jeunes, espoirs.
July Tuesday the 23rd : nationaux, régionaux and estivants (end).
July Wednesday the 24th :
2nd day of nationaux and régionaux .

Saint-Cast le Guildo
July Thursday the 25th :
estivants (1st day), open, jeunes, espoirs.
July Friday the 26th : nationaux, régionaux and estivants (end).
July Saturday the27th:
2nd day of nationaux and régionaux .
* July Sunday the28th : trophées Prestige and open.

2018 RULES    


1.1) Playground.
1.1.1 - The playground is a rectangle measuring 15m x 7,50m bounded by 2 lines aside and 2 ledger lines.
When lines are drawn on the sand, their width extends from an edge to other one of the mark over the sand.
1.1.2 - There is no central line, but the imaginary line passing under the net separates the ground in 2 camps of 7,50 m x 7,50 m.
1.1.3 - The service area (wide 7,5 m) is situated at the back of the ledger line and is limited laterally by the continuation of lines aside.
1.1.4 - There is no bounded free zone, but the ball is declared "out" if it penetrates into the space situated over another ground on which takes place a match at this moment.
1.1.5 - Players will watch not to wear objects which can be the cause of wounds.
1.1.6 - Every team will have to appear with a ball.
1.1.7 - For the good progress of the event, and for every match, the teams will watch to use the ground indicated by the organizer.


2.1) Registration.
2.1.1 - A team can participate in a tournament only after payment of the registration fees.
2.1.2 - This tournament is approved by the FRENCH FEDERATION OF VOLLEYBALL (FFVB).
2.1.3 - Every player will have to be able to give evidence that he is capable of the sport and that he has a personal insurance.
2.2) Composition.
2.2.1 - For all the tournaments (national, regional, estivant, jeune, espoir, open), a team consists of 3 players and possibly a replacing player.
2.2.2 - The tournament "espoir" is opened to the players born after January 1st, 1998 (compulsory ID card).
The tournament "jeune" is opened to the players born after January 1st, 2003 (compulsory ID card).
The tournament "kids" is opened to the players born after January 1st, 2007.
For these three two tournaments, the team will be registered in the category of the oldest player.
2.2.3 - For the tournament "estivant", a team can have player player in a volley ball club.
2.2.4 - For the tournaments "estivant", "jeune" and "espoir", the organization reserves the right to verify the identity and the level of practice of the players.
2.2.5 - For the tournament "veteran", every player will be at least 35 years old and the team will have to add up least 120 years.
2.2.6 - A player can be registered and play only in a single team during the same day or on the same tournament if this one extends over 2 consecutive days.


3.1) Number of points, number of sets.
3.1 - The tournament organizer will decide and announce in advance these modalities for every phase of the tournament (number of sets by match, number of points by set, type of set, pools of classification, eliminating pools, final phases, ...).
3.2) Withdraw, incomplete team.
3.2.1 - An absent or incomplete team on the indicated ground 15mn after the announcement of the beginning of its match (or for the matches of pools, 15mn after the end of the previous match) will be withdrawn for this match and will lose on the score of 25/0 every set planned for this match.
3.2.2 - If a team becomes incomplete during a  match (whatever is the reason), it will lose the set or the current match. The opposite will have points and missing sets to win the set or the match. The incomplete team will keep points and acquired sets.


4.1) Formation.
4.1 - A team has to have always 3 players in game.
4.2) Positions.
4.2 - There are no faults of position but, at the time of serving the ball, each team must be placed inside its own field (with the exception of the server).
4.3) Rotation.
4.3 - When a team wins the right to serve, a new player of this team will have to serve, in an order of rotation defined at the beginning of the set. So every player serves, following this order of rotation.
In case of error of rotation, the serve will be to redo by the player who had to make it and points possibly marked by the culprit team will be cancelled.
 4.4) Replacement of the players.
4.4.1 - A player of the initial formation can go out then return in game only once a set.
4.4.2 - He can again come into play only on the place of the player who had replaced him.
4.4.3 - An exception to this last rule is possible in case of wound.
A wounded player having benefited from this exception of replacement cannot play any more  during the same phase of the tournament.
4.4.5 - Having played in a team, the replacing player can participate in no other team in the same tournament.
4.5 Warm-up before the beginning of the match.
4.5.1. If the teams have a warm-up ground, they will have a period of warm-up of 3 minutes in the net, otherwise they will have 10 minutes.


5.1) Touches of ball.
5.1.1 - The F.F.V.B indoor rules will be applied for the number of touches of ball and the characteristic of these. Exception : during a defensive action on a ball served or attacked, the ball can be kept a very short moment.
5.2) Penetration under the net.
5.2.1 - A player can penetrate into the opposite space and ground as far as he does not hamper the opposite team in an action of play.


6.1) Timeouts.
6.1.1 - Every team has 2 timeouts by set, including for the sets of 21 points. An timeout lasts 30 seconds.
6.2) Changes of camps.
6.2.1 - The teams change camp every 5 points added up in the score of both teams. The break  does not have to exceed 30 seconds.
6.3) Interruption on wound.
6.3.1 - If a wounded player cannot take back the play quickly and if it is not possible to proceed to a regular or exceptional replacement (cf. article IV 4), he will have a time of recovery of 3 minutes.
6.3.2 - This procedure is renewable only once for the same player in the same set.
6.4) Exceptional interruptions.
6.4 - In case of interruption due to exceptional conditions (bad weather, tides, defective material, etc.), the sport direction of the tournament, in agreement with the organizer, will make the decisions useful for the good progress of the event.
If the match starts again the same day, the scores registered before  the interruption remain acquired.
With the exception of the aforesaid specific rules, the F.F.V.B  rules of volleyball will be applied.


7.1) Appointment of referees.
7.1.1 - For final and semi-final, matches are managed by referees indicated by the organizer.
7.1.2 - Until 1/4 final and except exceptional decision of the management of the tournament, the matches will be refereed by one of the members of a team of the same pool. For every match, this team will be indicated by the sports commission of the tournament. This team will be also responsible for the holding of the score.
7.1.3 - In the phases of tournaments "consolantes", the matches are auto-refereed.
7.2) Disputes.
7.2.1. - in case of dispute on the application of the laws and in the absence of indicated referee, the dispute can be notified to the judge referee who will make a decision.
7.2.2. - The other disputes can be notified to the commission of disputes and discipline consisted of an organizing chairman or his representative, of the referee, the director of the tournament, the representative of the players or the players who will rule.
7.2.3 - In case of disputes repeated during the same match, a team can ask for the name of an official arbitrator(referee) by the referee of the tournament.
7.3) Scoresheets.
7.3 - When the scoresheet is filled, the captains, having signed the sheets for approval, will send these to the sports commission for recording.
7.4) Complaints.
7.4 - The complaints will be examined only if they are notified to the organizer at the latest 30 minutes after the display of the results.


8.1) Sports progress.
8.1.1. - The sports progress (composition of the pools, the number of pools, boards, etc.) will be established at the beginning of every tournament by the organizers according to the number of teams and the local constraints.
8.1.2. - For exceptional reasons and for good progress of the tournament (bad weather, delay in the progress, etc...), the sports commission of the organization can modify at any time the sports formula (number of points by set for example).
8.2) Rankings.
8.2.1 - In every pool, the ranking is made at first according to the number of lost matches. In case of equality, the teams are classified with the coefficient "total of points won in all their matches of the pool / total of the lost points".
8.2.2 - The ranking of the teams at the end of pools matches is made with the ranking in the pool (at first the first ones of every pool, then the second, ...). In case of equality, the teams are classified with of the number of lost matches, then in case of new equality with the coefficient " total of points won in all their matches of the pool / total of the lost points ".
In case of new equality, if 2 teams are in the same pool, the team winner of their match will be the best classified. If the teams are in different pools, the ranking of the previous round determines the best classified.
8.2.3 - Boards are established with the ranking given by the method of the article 8.2.2.
8.2.4 - The ranking at the end of boards is given by the level of the elimination in this board. In case of equality, we use whether either a play-off game or the coefficient " points won in the last match /
8.3) Tournaments "estivants".
8.3 - The tournaments "estivants" will take place on two days : the first day, the matches will stop in the quarterfinals (not included). The matches will continue the second day with the quarterfinals, the semi-finals then the finale.


9.1 - Every person not respecting the present rules risks the downgrading and the exclusion from the tournament.
9.2 - THE ARMOR VOLLEYBALL (organizer) disclaims all liability as for the thefts which could arise during the tournament.
In the event of physical accident, every player has to contact the organization.
9.3 - The organization of the Tournament reserves the right to modify the progress of the tournament according to imperatives due to the weather conditions, to tides or any cause which it will consider useful.
9.4 - The players authorize the taking and the use of photos by the members of the organization.
9.5 - THE ARMOR volleyball authorizes the players to wear the colors of their sponsor, except for "Trophées Prestige" for which it reserves the right to impose one or several partners to the players.


10.1) Conducts of the players.
10.1.1. - The participants have to behave respectfully and courteously in a spirit of fair play towards the opponents, towards the public, the referees and towards every member of the organization.
10.1.2. - The breaches in the rule 10.1.1 can be the object of penalties taken by the official referees (warning and penalization "loss of a point") or by the commission of the disputes and the discipline (warnings, loss of the match, downgrading, exclusion from the tournament).